Tips for improving your baby's sleep

Tips for improving your baby's sleep

One of the biggest struggles for new parents is our baby's sleep and our lack of sleep. You hear different opinions and ideas about how to improve it and it can be very confusing and overwhelming. 

We collected a few great and basic tips that are sure to work!

1. Swaddle

Babies up to 4-5 months suffer from a startle reflex (Moro). It is a brain reflex that alerts the baby from sudden movement and wakes him up. Swaddles are the perfect answer to this problem. When your baby is covered, the snug position keeps him calm and improves the sleep time.

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2. Limit naps during the day

Who wants to wake up a sleeping baby? We know it sounds illogical for new parents, but sleeping for too many hours during the day hurts the much needed night sleep. What can you do? It's recommended to wake up your baby if he sleeps for more than 2 hours during the day, you can wake him up gently and feed him. Even if it's hard for you at the beginning, we promise that it's worth it, for both you and your child. 

3. Patience is the key

When hearing our baby cry after falling a sleep we want to run to him, It actually is a mistake a lot of the times. A few thing you need to remember, babies can cry a bit or rustle when they're sleeping, they can wake up, cry and fall asleep again in a few minutes. So we suggest that you wait a few moments before you rush to your baby.

4. White Noise

Placing a fan or in the baby's room can help to distract from outside noises. You won't have to be so scared of making a noise and waking up your baby. You can put a small fan in the entrance of the room where it has some distance from our sleeping beauty. The fan will absorb the outside noise and improve the air circulation in the room.

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